Picardy is a great place to live, boasting a wonderful agricultural and natural heritage and a abundant religious heritage. Explore the unmissable parts of Picardy, from the Somme to Oise and Aisne:

The architectural historical heritage of Picardy

incontournable Picardie château de chantilly

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Picardy is a wonderful place to stroll about, eyes peeled. History has left its mark on its cities and visitors can admire architectural gems. This is true in Laon which always enchants with its wonderful gothic cathedral topped by five imposing towers. Don’t miss the superb sculpted portals at Notre-Dame cathedral, then walk along the battlements at the edge to discover other buildings in this walled city. History buffs will also love visiting the many fortified churches in Thiérache. These churches always impress visitors with their keeps, arrowslits and other towers which were built to protect from pillagers and assaults from enemy armies. Other unmissable sites during your stay in Picardy include cities such as Beauvais, renowned for the Saint-Pierre cathedral, a grand masterpiece of gothic art, Saint-Quentin, which was awarded the City of Art and History label, Pierrefonds and its impressive fortress and incredibly majestic crenelated towers, and Senlis and its Gallo-Roman battlements. Finally, you can’t miss the château in Chantilly. This former princely residence is fascinating and visitors are immediately temped to wander through its outdoor grounds.

Picardy’s fascinating nature

incontournable Picardie étangs de commelles

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Nature lovers will be happy on their holidays in Picardy! And with good reason! The forest heritage is abundant and the nature offers wonderful spots for exploration during revitalising hikes. Nestled at the heart of the Hirson forest, the Blangy lake site is another must-see. With its waterfall and leisure park, it is an opportunity to unwind in a relaxing natural setting. Head next to the Retz forest where 13,340 hectares enclose a rich abundance of flora and fauna. Three hundred and forty eight miles of hiking trails await you for a welcome verdant escape. The Oise-Pays de France Regional Nature Reserve resembles three forests, which also offer fantastic walking, mountain-biking and horse-riding opportunities. And the Commelles lakes will enchant you with their peace, beauty and colours.

The Picardy coastline: seafront treasure

incontournable Picardie baie de somme

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Be sure to respond to the call of the sea on a break in Picardy! And head to the Bay of the Somme to take in its marshes, dunes and beaches. The peace in the air is perfect for relaxation and observation. The Bay of the Somme Nature Reserve sits on the bird migration path, creating opportunities for sightings of the many wild species that halt there. The seaside resorts on the Picardy coast are a must-see. Take the little medieval gem of Saint-Valery-sur-Somme whose upper city majestically overlooks the bay. And Mers-les-Bains will enchant you with its wonderful Belle Epoque and Art Nouveau villas which gracefully line up along the seafront esplanade. This is the chance to lay down your towel and a try a refreshing dip, weather permitting! Book your Picardy hotel now and enjoy all the natural wonders the region has to offer.